EuGMS e-Congress 2020

October 7/9
Covid-19: Lessons and Challenges for health care for older adults

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, the EuGMS has dedicated all its efforts to support the geriatrics community worldwide.
We will keep the most pragmatic, coherent and ethical approach and transform this global situation into an active opportunity to stay committed and advance our mission:

– The EuGMS Annual Congresses will be postponed for one year, moving Athens to 2021, London to 2022 and Helsinki to 2023.

– In 2020, the EuGMS Congress is going virtual and has became the key digital event in the field of geriatric medicine and health services for the ageing population.

The EuGMS digital congress “COVID-19: LESSONS AND CHALLENGES FOR HEALTH CARE FOR OLDER ADULTS” will figure the main geriatric themes and the COVID-19 impact on older people’s health.

Join us! You will find wide new possibilities for multidimensional learning, innovative web tools, global audience, target topics and a fully virtual exhibition area.